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Hi there lovely reader, I AM BACK! Yes, abOOkishOwl is back on track.

Thank you for giving me a little of your time today. Obviously I have been on hiatus for a month and I am sorry for not telling you ahead of time. I guess most of you know that I am studying medicine this year and its been quite a challenge for me to adjust with med life. But I’m not complaining here, I am enjoying med life and I’m excited about it every waking moment of my life ❤ HAHA! Anyways, since I am still adjusting, its been tough for me to get into reading fiction and blogging about it when I know that I need to read for my classes. It took me a month to finally devise and apply the perfect timetable that would get me into the serious stuff of med school without sacrificing my love for reading and blogging. So…..YAY! Expect to hear from me from time to time, and that I hope you will find my future posts interesting and worth the read. 🙂 Thaaaanks!

A little note to my awesome readers:

I apologize to those emails I haven’t responded yet, I’m still on the process of reading them and I’ll get back to you soon once I’m done. To those authors whom I promised a review coming up soon (I know “soon” is taking a lot of time now), I have them already, I just didn’t have the time to proofread it and post it here so I really am so sorry. For those of you who have been anticipating my posts, a big thank you, I still hope that you do and that you will still read the stuff I write here on my blog. And of course, to those who recently stumbled upon my blog and stayed, I hope that you will find my blog worth reading.

Thank you again for reading and God bless :*

21 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. As someone who started Physical Therapy school last summer and has since been eating, drinking, and sleeping PT, I can completely understand. However, I haven’t even tried to work out how to balance studying with other fun things like reading and writing. 😛 Good luck with your studies! 🙂

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      • It’s been pretty good so far. This summer session has been a little rocky but we’re almost done with it! 🙂 Writing is my de-stresser but I don’t get a ton of time to do it. 😦
        What are you studying in med school?


      • aw its nice to know that you still get to do the things you love with the busy sched 🙂 I hope i’ll do great with mine haha im still on proper med, maybe ill be specializing on cardio

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