Truths of a Medical Student

Hello there, fellow medical students, kudos! You are one brave soul, just like me, to waste time in this virtual reality we call THE WEB. Or you know, it’s a “study break” as we often label it to lessen the guilt. On a scale of a 20-minute nap to a caffeine-fueled all-nighter, how’s it going? In my case, I am a cup away into the latter and I am absorbing nothing so I’ve decided to write this instead. Lo and behold, the truths behind every medical student!


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Time is a paradox. Time is an illusion. It is both freeing and binding. Freeing, because we know it is there but we try not to care, because if we do, we go into panic mode, anxiety heightens, everything we do becomes futile. Binding, because we never really get to do things without thinking about time. 

Multiple exams with multiple references yet we still get bored.

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I don’t know but during these trying times, boredom can’t be killed. Boredom fights, boredom gets through and so boredom survives!  

The paradoxical effect of caffeine consumption.

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Stress if funny sometimes. 

The level of drowsiness is directly proportional to the amount of upcoming exams.

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But in all seriousness, if painting the whole page with a neon highlighter works for you, then by all means keep doing it. We have different ways of studying, different strategies so really asking tips from different people is a risk. What works with them might not work with you. Study at your own pace, at your own way at your own risk. Stop comparing!

Power naps only powers up our perpetual desire to sleep and become a panda instead.

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I just feel twice as tired sometimes. 

Studying = 5 minutes, Study Break = 1 Sherlock episode, 1 whole season of FRIENDS or 5 magical hours spent on the internet watching videos of baby elephants taking a bath.

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The endless cycle of doubts and questions of self-worth.

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TRIGGER: A succession of failed exams, lack of sleep and significantly increased stress levels. It happens, might even be normal to some point, just make sure you don’t get trapped in such vicious cycle. Go out, talk to friends, eat or read a book. Think happy thoughts. 

Nobody said it was easy, but no severity scale can quantify how hard medschool is.

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You live for the eat-outs and drinking sessions as a celebration for a hellweek (which is pretty much every week)

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You have every sign and symptom of every disease in Harrison’s Textbook of Internal Medicine. Even flatulence makes you think you’re dying.

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When you’re done studying or you have no time left.

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Friends make it all worthwhile.

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You don’t need to be friends with everyone. But you have to find the real ones, the rare gems, the snort-laugh inducers, the drinking buddies, the nonsense talkers, the equivalent of 5 cups of brewed coffee and you’ll find that medical school is the best thing that has ever happened to you. As they say, it’s all about the journey not the destination. 

Now back to studying, young Padawan!



Top Ten Tuesdays: Bookworm Delights!


Once again, I’ve decided to participate in this weekly meme of The Broke and the Bookish. The theme for today is about the things that would most certainly bring a smile on every bookworm’s face. I’ve missed doing this so let’s get into it and here’s my list of the little things that brings me delight!

Staring lovingly at those beautifully organized bookshelves

There’s nothing more you can ask after a long day’s work but to sit and stare at your books right before you start picking one of them to read

Sniffing up the aroma of books, both old and new!

When someone adores the book you recommended

Having conversations with a person who loves the same books as you do

For those people who unintentionally sacrificed long hours listening to me blabber about books, I LOVE YOU HUMAN!

Getting excited to go on long drives even on public transpos, because audiobooks! 

You just have to get used to the stares you’d be getting.

Reading references of things you like in the current book your reading.

Every time I read harry potter references it just makes me love the book even more ❤ 

Finding the perfect reading nook AND POSITION! even just for awhile…

This is tricky! But once you find it, enjoy every last bit of the moment 

Getting cut-off from reality because most likely you’ve found THE ONE in a fictional world.

Finally getting your hands on a book that made you ration a weeks’ worth of food into two.

A weekend you can enjoy reading because finally that report, or this exam or those tasks are done and Monday doesn’t seem too much of a buzzkill!

There’s still a whole lot of others things but I guess those I’ve listed above made it to the top! So are any of those I’ve listed the same with yours? Comment the link of your post down below and share it to everyone else!
Have a great day ahead and God bless! :*