Hello, Summer Vacation!


Kalanggaman Island, Leyte, Philippines

First year of med school: CHECK! *praying to get into second year*


Summer in the Philippines means temperature could go as high as 35 degrees Celsius. But hey, it brings forth lazy days perfect for tackling that ever-growing TBR pile. It signifies freedom from all the stresses of work or school. It’s the time of the year when people go on backpacking trips on mountainous regions, weekend camping on the outskirts of town or hopping from one island to the next and just wallowing all day in the turquoise waters of the beach.  If you have the right people with you and you know where to go, temperature is the least of your concerns. Fortunately for me, I found them and I’d like to share with you guys some photos that marks the beginning of our summer vacation.


Tinago Falls, Biliran Island, Philippines


Sambawan Island, Biliran Province, Philippines


’tis a rare moment that these two best-friends go on a trip due to the busy schedule of the girl on a dress. 😀


Lake Danao, Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines


Boat ride going to Kalanggaman Island


Kalanggaman Island


Stretch of the Kalanggman Island sandbar.


The striped girl with her med stabilizers.

We visited 4 destinations (a falls, two islands & a lake) in 4 days and it was worth every peso! The time we spent in all four places was just enough for us not to get totally drained.  I enjoyed ever second of the trip!

And now that vacation is finally here, I get to go over my TBR pile and finally interact with the rest of the blogosphere! Happy reading and I hope you are having a fine day wherever you are! xoxo ❤


It is DONE!

Sunset at an island in the Philippines.

Sunset at an island in the Philippines.

Which do you prefer Sunset or Sunrise?

Well, I am in love with the wonders of a sun rising but I just cant help but be mesmerized with this sun setting down. Because aside from its beauty, for me, it says something. I’ve mentioned before that i was about to take a medical admission test. Well, that happened last Sunday. IT IS DONE! Like always, I worry before and after the exam and then as I arrived home, I went to the beach and instantly I was captured by the sunsets. I’m not being logical here I know, but to me it feels like a sign that I have to stop worrying and that it is done 🙂 Thank you daddy God ❤

aand oh its been awhile! I’m supposed to post a book review yesterday but certain things have to be done first. I had a pretty hectic schedule last week (STUDYING!) and my relatives from Australia arrived here :))))) days before the exam so I’ve been cutting my time off from the web. But anyways, I think ill be right on track now so keep posted!

Have a good day everyone and God bless you :*