It’s been a year with you!


Hi there! So recently, I’ve been too caught up with reality I forgot I just turned 1 yesterday! Here’s a thing, I started this blog because I want to share a lot of things–books, photographs and some of my thoughts. I’ve met a lot of people who have the same interests as I do. People who would actually engage and talk to me like this isn’t just a virtual thing. People whom I believe, are my friends already. Writing this blog, reading other else’s writing and communicating with fellow bloggers took my mind off the stresses of life. Readers, it’s been a wonderful journey and I couldn’t wait for more.



In celebration (WOW haha) of abookishowl’s birthday, I’ve got something for you guys:

If you or any one you know has a book and would love for it to be out there, within reach of readers around the world, just click on the link down below for more details on how that would be possible.

Visit Harsh Reality’s Blog:

Have a great day ahead of you!






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