A book with a color in the title: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery



Publisher: Scholastic

Published on: August 2002 (first published on 1908)

Format Owned: Paperback

Genre: Child Literature, Coming-of-age, Classic

Overview (via Goodreads)

Everyone’s favorite redhead, the spunky Anne Shirley, begins her adventures at Green Gables, a farm outside Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. When the freckled girl realizes that the elderly Cuthberts wanted to adopt a boy instead, she begins to try to win them and, consequently, the reader, over.

You know that moment when a child’s mouth opens up and words come rushing out of it. Words that are pure and raw yet insightful. Words that caught you off guard and you become momentarily dazed until realization kicks in and everything starts to take shape.

Reading this book is refreshing and will make you look at life worth living. The words in particular are simple but somehow it manages to embrace you–heart and soul and its just so beautiful. Anne with her wild thoughts and ideas will make you realize life is serious enough, it doesn’t need your help in adding to its seriousness and so a sprinkle of imagination you have since you were a kid would do no harm. [ as long as you return back to reality 😉 ] Imaginations make life more interesting and livable. They make you see things, brighter and wonderful and great. It’s basically like reading fiction, as most people say, reading is a bit like hallucinating, you imagine things, things that are far more interesting than reality will ever be. So you see, imaginations could be our temporary escape from this crazy labyrinth of reality when life gets tough.

Another thing this book teaches is how easy it is to find happiness in our daily lives if only were not so engrossed with odd side of life.  Days would become hard to live by when we only focus on the bigger things because sometimes, it’s the simple things that makes the journey less stressful. Like seeing a flower on the side of a lonely road, having ice cream on a hot sunny day, witnessing a rainbow after the rain, taking a glimpse of your crush or even realizing you’ve got money tucked on your to-be washed jeans (which is enough for yet another ice cream). All these things, will always put a smile on your face and so you realize, life is still beautiful after all.

There’s so many things I’d like to commend on this book, like how it talks about growing up and the realizations you have once you reach a certain age that is definitely not childlike anymore. Or those things Anne taught us like how it was okay to become ambitious and competitive as long as you do it for yourself and the people you love and that no one should be harmed while doing so. And the most important thing this book talks about is the unconditional love form a family, blood-related or not. I adore every character in this book especially Matthew and Marilla. Those last few chapters managed to stir my heart. It made me want to buy a ticket instantly, go home, crawl into my parents bed and hug them so tight.

Reading this book made me feel nostalgic about the once easy life I had as a child-no big worries, no deep pains, no hard decisions, nothing complicated just right and wrong, black and white… Maybe when life is getting so stressful, we could awaken the inner child in us for a while, try to look things through a child’s eye and then maybe we could see the beauty there is in this things we call life.

So there, i just did a review on a classic novel (exhales deeply…..then freaks out) HAHAHA, you guys know, I don’t do classic reviews, but this one just had a big impact on me especially on where my life is right now. So I just have to talk about it.

P.S. I know most of you have read this book but come on, we all fall for the trap of good book and so we reread it. And its always great the second, third and fourth and nth time around. I hope you have/had a great day today. Keep your imaginations working kiddo! 😉 God bless. 

9 thoughts on “A book with a color in the title: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

  1. This book has always been a favourite for me. There was a time in my life where I simply kept reading and rereading this one book again and again, and crying every time I felt Anne go through the same misery that I was going through at that time. This book will forever remain my solace. ❤

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