12 thoughts on “Red and Gold

      • They’re beautiful! I’m growing my own now, too, inspired by The Language of Flowers, a novel. At the end there’s a dictionary of flowers and their Victorian meanings, and I plan to grow every flower in the book and make a picture dictionary of my own. So far I only have Hibiscus (paradise) and Amaryllis (immortality.) My lavender died D: (Or, never lived for that matter.)

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      • thank you! 😀 oooh, i should buy that one for my mom. she will love it and would probably do what you’re doing now. i’d love to see that picture dictionary one day haha. im only familiar with hibiscus and lavender.


      • I definitely think it was a great book. Since reading it more than three years ago, I’ve been obsessed with flower meanings. I almost named my lifestyle blog Azalea-something, for Fragile and ephemeral passion, before I decided on a book blog instead.

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      • WOW! you and my mom would probably get along like bestfriends hahaha its because my sister and I don’t seem to share the same passion with her. but we love those flowers she grows its just that the process of planting and takiing care does not appeal to me that much hahaha


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