Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is about the Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors!!!

I have listed out my all time favorite authors, tried narrowing it down as much as possible and it took me all the necessary comforting to come up with this list. So here it is:

J.K. Rowling

She will forever be part of every fiber in my being. She has greatly affected me and I will forever be thankful for that.

C.S. Lewis

Aside from the Harry Potter Series, I grew up with Narnia! C.S. Lewis brought me into a magical place that I will forever feel nostalgic with even though I was never there physically 😀

George R.R. Martin

A Song of Ice and Fire series is an intimidating read what with more than 800 pages (?) per book! But man, how greatly I admire the world created by Mr. George. His way of writing is just so detailed and descriptive you will just love those big books of his.

Rick Riordan

YES! YES! OF COURSE! I love the series he writes, it transports me easily into a more interesting and awesome world.

Suzanne Collins

She is the reason why I got stuck in the dystopian fiction genre for months. Like, literally MONTHS!  I came to bookstores looking for dystopian fictions to read because The Hunger Games Trilogy was so gripping and action-packed that I just got hook with anything like it.

John Green

Then we have the coolest, awesome and ever famous author of YA novels! The moment I grab hold of one of his books I instantly fell in love with his writing. It was insightful, humorous, honest, and beautifully unique! And the characters he creates, oh man! how I love everyone of them 😀

Rainbow Rowell

Okay, so aside from John Green, I turn to Rainbow Rowell when it comes to anything YA! I just love her characters, her writing, and everything in her stories. I cannot help but relate to most of them. 😉

Jane Austen

I only read Pride and Prejudice (but the rest will be read soon I am certain) and I cannot but one second not admire Miss Jane Austen’s way of unraveling her stories. Her writing is both fun and full of substance.

Harper Lee

I recently read To Kill A Mockingbird and it has just become one of my All-time Favorite Books. You guys were right and I cannot believe why I deprived myself with this amazing read. She is a great storyteller and very insightful. I feel like grabbing her book again and reread it. 😀

Paulo Coelho

This man has brought wonders to this world. I will not be afraid to say that he is one of the greatest writers that has ever lived. His books are a source of inspiration in this crazy world we live in. I will forever bring his books with me wherever I go.

DISCLAIMER: Photos of authors were taken from Goodreads. 

I did it! I did it! HOORAY!!!!

This is an accomplishment! HAHA so that’s it 😀

How about you? Does any of these authors above included in your list? I’d love to know who those are, so you can comment it down below!

 Have a wonderful day ahead and God bless :*

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