Sunrise soon…


How long have you been waiting for that one special thing to happen? Months? Couple of years? a decade now? 

Are you still waiting? Did it occur to you to just give up? Or were you motivated by the fact that every time the sun rises, you’re a day closer to realizing that special thing you’ve been dreaming? 

I have been waiting for ages now, for that special thing to happen in my life. My grade school teacher asked me what I wanted to become when I grow up. With sanguinity I answered, “I want to become a doctor!” Ever since, I lived believing that one day it will happen. Of course, life is a roller coaster ride. During those low moments–I doubted and I cried. But then again, when you’re down, the only direction left is to go up. These days, I’m not below the roller coaster nor above but I am in between. Just like the moment when I wanted to witness the sun rising I am still waiting, full of determination and confidence that I will see the sun up above. 

I hope you’re having a wonderful day whatever time zone you’re in and remember this: KEEP FIGHTING 😉
God bless :*

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