Creative Blogger Award

Hi 🙂 The amazing Erika of Erika the Bibliophile has nominated me for yet another award. It’s the Creative Blogger Award! I hope I am creative enough HAHA but anywaays thanks for this nomination. And guys, if you haven’t been following her blog yet, you should check it out, follow her and I am sure you won’t be regretting it 😀

The Rules:

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

5 FACTS about me:

1. My undergraduate research was about birds and so after that I have been sooo into bird watching that every time I see birds, I stare at it for a couple of seconds and try to identify them HAHAHA

2. I am currently obsessed with playing pool because I recently learned how to play by the rules like 2 DAYS AGO.

3. I HATE COCKROACHES! oh wait no I actually hate all small, creepy, flying and crawling insects.

4. I am allergic to alcoholic beverages.

5. I am deeply in love with snorkelling!

The Nominees:

Becca and Books



Bookish Royalty

FictionFan’s Book Reviews


Hannah Molina of A Guardian of Memories


J.K. I’m Exploring

Kim @ Tranquil Dreams

Once upon a bookshelf


The Amazing Life of A Bookworm



Reading Rachel

Coffee and Philosophy by Sheryl


So that’s it! I tried nominating those that I think has not been nominated yet and so if I haven’t mentioned you maybe you have been nominated by other bloggers. Also if you want to do this, please feel free to make this post!

Have a good day and God bless 😀

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