Sunset at an island in the Philippines.

Sunset at an island in the Philippines.

Which do you prefer Sunset or Sunrise?

Well, I am in love with the wonders of a sun rising but I just cant help but be mesmerized with this sun setting down. Because aside from its beauty, for me, it says something. I’ve mentioned before that i was about to take a medical admission test. Well, that happened last Sunday. IT IS DONE! Like always, I worry before and after the exam and then as I arrived home, I went to the beach and instantly I was captured by the sunsets. I’m not being logical here I know, but to me it feels like a sign that I have to stop worrying and that it is done 🙂 Thank you daddy God ❤

aand oh its been awhile! I’m supposed to post a book review yesterday but certain things have to be done first. I had a pretty hectic schedule last week (STUDYING!) and my relatives from Australia arrived here :))))) days before the exam so I’ve been cutting my time off from the web. But anyways, I think ill be right on track now so keep posted!

Have a good day everyone and God bless you :*

It is DONE!

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