Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern: A Book Review



A friend of mine recommended this book to me last year. Now I am not really into this genre because I feel like it has the least depth and not much is happening around it.

and hear me out! Okay what I’m saying is that it’s not my favorite genre but I still enjoy quite a few of it 🙂 🙂 It cures my reading slump and during my “mourning period” they lift me up and empower me again 😀

Honestly, the strongest reason why I finally decided to pick this book is because Buzzfeed posted that it is one of the books to be read before they “hit the big screen” so I did. HAHAHA that was easy. AND OH MY GOSH! I never felt so wrong in my life. This book (it’s really hard for me to explain) is beautiful and frustrating, its hilarious and annoying and depressing yet inspiring. See what I’m talking about? It was like after reading this book I find myself stuck in its world for quite some time and actually decided to read some more from this genre… sometime in the future.

So why is it frustrating? and annoying? and depressing? Because……

Johnny Depp panics

let me gather my thoughts……

Okay, I am going to be vague here cause I want you to feel it too. HAHA no really, I do not want to spoil you. I felt these things because there was a lot of wasted time. LIKE A LOT! There was too much wrong timings, missed opportunities and almost every misfortune life can throw at someone.

But why is it beautiful? and hilarious? and inspiring? I am not sure if I could answer that precisely and clearly but let me try. Okay the characters, they are fun to be with. You read them and then you decide they are the best company ever. They’re hilarious and all those conversations are witty and really I just enjoyed it. Inspiring because it shows that no matter what life throws at you, when you are at the lowest point already, there will be no other way but to go up! Inspiring because it shows that if you truly love something or someone, you have to fight for it and believe that it is never too late. That by the end of the day, when everything is in its rightful places, you realized that the wasted time and missed opportunities does not matter anymore. That they are part of the past and what matters most is what we have today and what we will have in the future.

I totally recommend you guys to read this book! If you watched the movie then you should read this. If you are not into the romance genre, trust me, you will enjoy this! So grab this book 😀

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