As the sun sets down, another day has ended and man’s major activities ceases temporarily. On the contrary, I am just getting started.

I recently graduated from college and was planning to enter med school right after that. But due to unprecedented situations I took a gap year. Here in the Philippines, school starts in the month of June and since its less than three months away from that I know I should get started. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find my focus. With all sorts of media nowadays I tend to get distracted and finish the day feeling unproductive. I am supposed to study for a medical admission test but within an hour or two I tend to grab a novel I am currently reading just to have a break. WHICH IS A HUGE MISTAKE! Because by then I end up engrossed with what I am reading and forgot about the test. So I devised a timetable. yeheeeeesss! Since my brain’s activity (HAHA) is heightened when the clock ticks 5pm, I scheduled my daily review during that time. I go to the beach, away from all the technology of the world, and engage myself with the academics. So far, I am in the adjustment period and hopefully I will get better and have positive results. 🙂


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