Its Kind of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini: A Book Review

photo from goodreads

One word: Thought-provoking

The book is about an ambitious teenager named Craig. He is a bright and talented boy who worked his way through an excellent high-school. But after getting in, reaching what we call the “top”, everything went downhill. The map that leads him to his destination, became this crazy twists and turns that he is not familiar with. The story mainly circulates on how Craig copes up with his depression, how he wanted to help himself, how vulnerable he is and how he fights to keep himself stable.

I have always been drawn to books with messed-up protagonists. Now, I am not saying that I enjoy reading their misfortunes, failures or struggles to make me put things in perspective. Instead they make me understand this vicious labyrinth called life. They are the most insightful of characters. They make you plunge deeper into the reality of life. These characters make me understand others. They may be the most vulnerable, but, ironically they are the strongest of characters who battles this thing called life. They struggle to fight all those vicious thoughts that make them think life is a ruin and that they are pathetic. They are brave.

Its Kind of a Funny Story is an important book that I believe people should acquaint themselves with. This will make them understand people suffering from depression and all kinds of mental illness. It will  make us perceive things like pitying them will actually do no good  and is not what they need. They need ANCHORS that will keep them at bay and will not allow them to sink. They need support, love and most of all hope to keep the fire of life burning within them.

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